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Vanessa Goulart Agredano
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I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful program, and delicious brunch that was put together for the families. It has been so long since we have been able to really enjoy an event like that, and I was deeply moved and grateful.

I love Centro Armonia. I tell everyone I know how amazing it is to be a part of this community and have my children in the care of such wonderful women who consider my children one (or two) of their own. There is no comparison, so thank you. We appreciate you and the Maestras dearly.

We adore you all. We hope you have a weekend with some good rest. We appreciate you all tremendously (I hope you can share this message with the teachers), and to the mothers (and daughters) on the team, we hope you have a fabulous day with your families!

Warmest Regards
Sanee Ibrahim
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We love Centro Armonia! Our son started out in an in-home daycare, which we loved, yet when we moved we had to find a new place to care for him. We knew, ideally, we wanted him someplace that valued relationships with families, created a sense of community, and focused not only on cognitive development yet also on social-emotional and language development. And so, when we found Centro Armonia and visited both an Open House and toured the school during the day, we felt like we struck the jackpot!

The environment is nurturing. The teachers are warm and responsive, yet they are firm with clear routines and procedures that still allow kids space to be kids! The school has family events throughout the year and authentically values all the diverse cultures of both the families and the staff. My husband does not speak Spanish and mine is very limited, yet we are always able to communicate effectively, and we always feel like valued members of the school community.

Most importantly our son loves being at school. He loves his teachers (he’s now been in both the 3-year-old and 4-year-old room), and he demonstrates a sense of pride in being able to speak Spanish. We strongly recommend Centro Armonia and deeply appreciate all of the staff that make the school such a special place.

One additional selling point is the flexible hours. Care is available from 7am – 6pm!
Stephen P.
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All three of my children have been a part of the Centro Armonia family since they were about 6 months old. My son attended the infant program all the way through the T-K class and I can honestly say that he was always in the best hands. My identical twin daughters have also been attending Centro Armonia since they were infants and are now enrolled in the 2-year-olds program and LOVING it! They absolutely love Maestra Patti and we love to hear them developing their Spanish and facetiming with their Abuelita in Peru!

My son is now 5 years old and a part of the Dual Immersion kindergarten program at our local public school where he is thriving! His time at Centro Armonia not only prepared him for Kindergarten, but gave him a significant advantage as he is fully bilingual and already reading and writing in Spanish!
Vaishnavi G.
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From a non-spanish speaking family...

When my daughters (2.5 and 6 months) first joined Centro Armonia, I was 99% confident of my choice, having met the maestras and the facility but a little part of me was struggling to be confident because we come from a non-spanish family. Will they struggle to learn because of it? Will my younger daughter struggle with communication at home because Spanish is probably the first language she learns? Will my older feel a little alienated in school because she doesn't know spanish yet? After a mere couple of months, answers to all my doubts were a firm NO. My older one loved going to school everyday because they made her feel like family (which is huuuge because she previously it would be a battle to get her ready for school). My younger one was always fed well and would come to me with a smiling face whenever I picked her up.

They were very quick learners... my first started speaking spanish words after just a couple of weeks and she began understanding fluent spanish within 4 months. It would astonish me when she listens to Maestra Claudia speak fluently in Spanish and nods her and head or responds with Si as she did what she was told. My younger one advanced physically and mentally far more quickly than she would've at home... whenever I go to pick her up, she's playing happily is being fed with the most care and love in the world!

Administration wise, we have always been met with a gracious smile and comforting replies whenever we had questions and let me tell you, towards the beginning of our journey we had loads of questions, this being our first "big school" experience.

Unfortunately, due to my husband's work we are parting ways with our beloved school at the end of this month and we will dearly miss every aspect of this school. Thanks for all the good memories and the strong feeling of this is how a preschool should be...
Jackie C.
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My son began attending Centro Armonia this last September 2017. Not only is this school in a great location, but the school itself is big, with open spaces and a clean facility as well. Our family comes from a bilingual background so we felt it was important to have our son begin learning as much as he could in spanish. All of the teachers, Including the owner/Director, Claudia, really take pride in what they do and show a great amount of concern and care, not only to my son but to all of their students. They all make sure to know and care for each child, really make them feel comfortable in a preschool setting and keep great communication open among all of the parents via emails and even personal text messages if you happen to request it. They really focus on each child and their learning skills and do such a great job of making sure each student is able to participate to their best of their ability in a preschool setting, especially one that is completely in Spanish. Each teacher also takes care to show so much patience with each child in order for them to succeed. We have seen such an overall big improvement in our son in how he behaves at home and with his family members and peers. We would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking for their child to not only begin learning a second language but to also become prepared for higher education and beginnings of great social skills.
Athena, Ariel and family
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Claudia, Thank you for all you do to create a nurturing environment for the kids and specifically the amazing communication between all parties! Your help and understanding has helped my family so much! My girls are thriving in the great environment you and the maestras nurture!
Landon S
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Wow! My 4 year old twins are just finishing their first year at Centro Armonia and their Spanish is really taking off.

When we put them in the school last fall, the only Spanish they knew was how to count to 10 and a handful of colors. Now they're correcting me when I try to speak to them

Besides the Spanish, the school is fantastic. The location is new and clean. The activities the kids do during week are fun and engaging. And the teachers really care about the kids. We're also very aligned when it comes to disciplinary philosophies and have to worked together with the school's owner (Claudia) to resolve any issues.

Since my wife and I both work, we have them in preschool and after-care 5 days a week. At first I thought I was going to be too long of a day, but my kids actually beg to stay longer when it's time to pick them up! They've made some great friends.

I'm really excited for another year!
Tony Chavez
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My wife and I were looking for a pre-school for our 3 year old but really wanted to focus on our son's Spanish at least before kinder garden. We were lucky enough to find Centro Armonia very close to our home. The school has excellent, courteous and competent teachers along with a very nice facility. My son looks forward to going to school every day and we have seen tremendous improvements in his Spanish, language and social skills. Besides being a great pre-school for any ethnic background you get the bilingual benefit which your kid will thank you for later in life. Highly recommended!!
Regina C
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My son has been attending (since age 2.5) preschool here for about a year. During this time, he has grown so much and he has learned so much, including the Spanish language. He previously attended a small family daycare with Spanish speaking providers, but we primarily speak English at home. Almost right away, he began singing songs in Spanish and using phrases that he learned at school.

Developmentally, he has also grown so much. He has made lots of friends and always talks about hem and what they did today. He is learning social skills from being around different children. It has also helped that there is an infant room, where he can see his friends' babies. I feel this prepared him well to understand his new baby.

Additionally, my son has some allergies and it has been a relief to know that the school is nut free. The school and teachers have been open to our allergy needs, questions and concerns.

Lastly, we also enjoy the sense of community that we have here. From the daily greetings with parents, kids and teachers to special year-round activities. We are happy that our son is part of this community.
Alice Y.
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My son came to this daycare when he was only 9months, now he is already 2 years old. The teachers here take care of him every well, they are nice, and really love him. My son is looking forward to go to school everyday. He is happy and healthy, and learned so much here. I highly recommend this daycare, it worth your trust when you sent your kids here.
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My husband and I chose this school for our daughter after visiting a few other home daycares and decided on this location because it's clean, the teachers are gentle, it's environment is safe and the rooms are age appropriate. My daughter started going to Centro when she was 7 months old so she started in the infant room. Transition is usually tough for her but Maestra Sylvia (who she adores) always made the drop off's easy. My daughter is now in the Los monitos salon (ages 2-3). At home we speak mainly English and now that my daughter is starting to communicate verbaly we can tell that she definitely understands both English and Spanish. I would recommend this school if you need a safe and reliable place for childcare and would definitely recommend it if you would like your child to start his/her early years learning Spanish.
Mary Sara Ponzio
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This Daycare has far exceeded my expectations. My daughter started here when she was 6 months old and now she is 10 months. I was so scared at the thought of having to leave her but seeing how happy she was there (with the pictures) and how excited she gets when she sees her Maestras in the morning, reassured me I made the best and right choice for her. The growth I have seen in her is mind blowing. She is now crawling like a champ and wanting to walk so badly. Everyone always tells me what a good baby she is and I know that is because of Centro Armonia. The Maestras treat her like she is their own. The love and care they have for her makes my heart sing. The way her little legs kick with joy when she sees them makes me feel alright about going to work. The other day when we were in the Doctor's office she said her first word and it was "Agua"! I was also nervous because she would not take a bottle from me, they had her drinking from one in no time with them! She also eats way better for them than us at home! They are miracle workers and do it all with so much love. I know all of this is because of Centro Armonia. All of the staff are so caring and loving. I promise you will be so happy you chose them to watch your little one.
Raymond Ramirez
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Centro Armonia is as good as it gets when it comes to caring for our daughter. We originally heard about their reputation from some close family friends and our 2 year-old has been there since she was 3 months old. All the Maestras at Centro Armonia have become part of our extended family, as they go above and beyond for our child. The facility is always super clean, secure, and child-centered. Since the time that our little one began at Centro Armonia, she's become so social with her amigos, amigas, and Maestras. Our daughter's Spanish is growing daily, and this aspect of her learning is truly transforming our home in a beautiful way.
Donna Z.
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My daughter started going to this school at 2yrs old, last Sept 2020. We don't speak Spanish but I wanted her to learn another language. I love what this school has done for her thus far. I see a big difference in her behavior and development. She listens, has become more independent, and enjoys coming to school. She has picked up Spanish words pretty quickly and even uses it at home. My husband and I are even learning Spanish as well.

The main reason why I love this school so much are the Maestras. They genuinely care about the kids, my kid. They keep me informed about my daughter's progress, send weekly updates, keep my daughter clean (especially during the pandemic). I feel so much comfort knowing that my baby is in good hands while Im at work. Im so grateful to have found this school. Thank you so much Centro Armonia!
Jaimie M.
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From the moment I contacted this school, it became evident it's a gem. Celia promptly replied to all my questions and concerns with professionalism and kindness. To date, 2 of my sons have attended, one school-age thru COVID, the other in preschool. My 1st grader really struggled with online learning especially in a different language (we don't speak Spanish). He blossomed here, a complete 180! Maestra Kathy thank you so much for your dedication and perseverance in that trying time, you made a huge positive impact on my son! Maestra Chely, in a few months, has taught my preschooler how to speak in Spanish using full-sentences! Maestra Claudia (the director) will contact you with any concern to find a solution, keep an open line of communication, is highly experienced and has a heart full of love for the children. All the Maestras here are amazing, on the same page and teach the children life-long lessons from respect and kindness to responsibility and organization, not to mention a whole new language. My youngest son talks about his school all day and can't wait to go in the morning. My school-age son still wants to come here. I am a mother of 3 boys from ages 16 to 4, and I can say from experience with the highly rated preschools, Centro Armonia is really the best out there. Now if only they offered 1-12.
Charleen J.
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My daughter, Karlee, started at Centro Armonia Santa Teresa when she was three years old. She knew some Spanish when she started: colors, numbers, foods, animals. She is now five and fully bilingual! She can write, read and is very well prepared for Kindergarten. She will be attending an elementary school with a dual immersion program . The district has a lottery system for the program. They take 1/3 monolingual English speakers, 1/3 monolingual Spanish speakers and 1/3 bilingual (but there are very few fluent bilingual entering Kindergarteners). Karlee tested "very fluent" in both languages! The district evaluators were very impressed. My daughter is very comfortable speaking Spanish to monolingual Spanish speaking adults and children (She actually just likes to talk, in any language. LOL!). They are always so surprised by how well she speaks and sometimes think Spanish is her first language. A friend enrolled her son in the Campbell school after hearing my daughter speak. And another friend plans to enroll her twins at the Santa Teresa school very soon. Karlee seeks out others who speak Spanish in stores, restaurants and social engagements. She is really proud of herself.

The administrators and teachers are great! They love and respect the children. They send frequent classroom and school updates via email with curriculum and pictures. The administrators, Claudia and Celia, are easily accessible by text or email. The class performances, field trips and holiday parade are so fun! My daughter loves her teachers...and so do we! It's sometimes a challenge to get her to leave school. She is really going to miss them (especially Maestra Ivonne). I wish we could take them to Kindergarten! My 2.5 year old son attends part-time now and will be full-time this fall. He already loves school and is incorporating Spanish into conversations. My husband and I are very happy we chose Centro Armonia.
Bob P.
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This is an amazing preschool. My son, Theo, attends and has picked up Spanish quickly. The value of a second language in CA can't be overstated. Good customer service and great teachers. This preschool's location is within Oak Grove School District (not affiliated) which has a two way bilingual immersion program. Excellent opportunities.
Peace for U.
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It's like leaving my child with family. The facility is like new and super clean. Everyone is very welcoming and most importantly - my daughter LOVES IT! I would definitely recommend Centro Armonia to all families.