A Beautiful Atmosphere

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A Bright Clean, Spacious, Child-Friendly Environment

Where Learning Is Fun

For Your Curious Preschooler

Expand Their Bilingual Skills With Themed Lessons & Play

Preschool & Child Care Center Serving San Jose, CA

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Conveniently Located Off Santa Teresa Blvd.

Close To The Santa Teresa Village & Bernal Mall Shopping Centers

Bright, Airy Classrooms Lend Themselves To Learning

Your little one feels calm and focused in a bright, spacious, themed classroom filled with children’s work and tons of natural light. When children are at ease, they can relax, concentrate, and enjoy their learning journey.

A Bustling, Happy Neighborhood With Convenient Amenities

Located between residential neighborhoods, the center is within easy reach of independent businesses. Two large shopping centers, the DMV, and a beautiful country park lie within a short drive, making errands and outings easy. 

Playgrounds & Gardens For Outdoor Adventures

Your child enjoys outside playtime every day for exercise and the development of gross motor skills. Large, age-appropriate playgrounds and gardens give them plenty of room to run, climb, explore, and learn in the great outdoors.

On-Site Parking For Easy Transitions

Drop-offs and pick-ups are safe, efficient, and simple when you don’t have to worry about parking! You and your child are in, out, and on your way with curbside assistance from helpful staff members in a big private parking lot.

Sanitization Keeps Everything Spotless & Germ-Free

A dedicated on-site cleaning staff disinfects and sanitizes your child’s classroom daily to eliminate harmful dirt and germs. An air purifier system adds an extra safeguard for your little one’s health.

Safety & Security Take Top Priority

High fences and restricted access doors keep your child secure from drop-off to pick-up. Staff members hold FBI background checks and CPR certifications, so you know your child is safe, sound, and always protected.  

Open 7:00 Am To 6:00 Pm From Monday To Friday

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