Benefits of Bilingual Education

Why Spanish Immersion?

“By the end of the summer, my 8 year old told me she was starting to think in Spanish! 

Betsy K.

"El Que Habla Dos Lenguas Vale por Dos"

English Translation: "He who speaks two languages, is worth twice as much"

Centro Armonia is the Silicon Valley’s only 100% Spanish immersion and preschool. We believe the best method for learning a foreign language is to be fully immersed. Our educational philosophy creates an environment that engages children in conversation with our staff of native Spanish speaking teachers.

If you speak English in your home and have not yet decided on, or even considered, a bilingual education for your child, consider the following benefits.

Children who grow up in bilingual settings…

  • Improve their cognitive abilities
  • Are better problem solvers
  • Have a higher rate of success in school
  • Have better attitudes about homework and school in general
  • Have better appreciation of people different from themselves
  • Have more capacity to understand other cultures
  • Use more logic
  • Are better decision makers
  • Will learn other languages more easily
  • Tend to be more creative
  • Will have better employment opportunities

Regardless of the different levels of Spanish that each child in a class may have, all children will be improving their vocabulary, their understanding, their grammar, their pronunciation and their ability to speak. In other words, children take from their environment what they are ready to take.

“Our son attended Centro for two years. By the end of the two years, he was able to understand and speak a great amount of Spanish (English is mainly spoken at home).  

Heather I.

Will Spanish immersion hold your child back from learning English?

Parents sometimes worry that bringing up their children as bilingual will mean that they never really master what should be their native language. Research shows this is just not true. 

To quote from "The Local," a Swiss online paper, "Research shows that children can learn to read in two languages at the same time, to the benefit of performance in both languages. Bilingually educated children are shown to read at a higher level than children educated in only language…But bilingualism does more than refine children’s linguistic abilities - it also improves their cognitive abilities. In other words, it makes them brainier."

Essentially, they are repeating what we said above. In a nutshell, bilingual education is great for kids. But you can read more of the benefits on "The Local" here. 

How We Do It

Because the human brain is neurologically tuned to language acquisition between the ages of 18 months to 6 years, our program taps into this potential by:

  • Providing a 100% immersion environment
  • Creating context through activities, music and movement
  • Practice through repetition
  • Creating a safe and nurturing environment to acquire and practice new language skills.

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