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What Other Parents Have To Say

My daughter has attended this school since June 2009. We are an English only home. In the year of her attendance she has become comfortable with basic conversation. She knows her numbers up to 15, all the colors and I would guess about 500 various words. My husband and I have had to bone up on our Spanish. She knows far more than both of us already. She has learned to write her name and has become very interested in spelling and writing. I am so pleased with her progress. Thank You Centro Armonia!

— Jessie T.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for hosting the Spring Family Night last week. Both Emma’s Mom and I came along with Emma’s little brother and had a very nice time. We got to see four animals that none of us had ever seen before and the best part is that we got to meet our daughter’s good friend who she talks about regularly as well as meet her parents. Nights like these help to create a community and a true sense of belonging at Centro for our daughter. All of the planning and effort was certainly noticed.Thanks again.

— Michael Esquivel

Dear Centro Armonia Staff,

Just wanted to write a brief note to tell you all how thankful we are that Adrianna has come to your school. Aside from the incredible growth in her Spanish and academic skills, your school has provided the kind of environment that fosters life-long learning, social-emotional growth, appreciation of differences and a feeling of community that will be difficult to leave.

— The Fuller-Boardman Family

“The staff at Centro Armonia has been very willing to work with my son from the first day of being left without mommy through to now where he is in k / pre-k. We only speak English at home and he clearly is bi-lingual now. All of that is great, but what delights me most is the loving atmosphere. Maestras Blanca, Berta, Dora and Rosa are all very skilled at teaching and disciplining with love.”

— Laura Reese, mom to Max

My daughter attended Centro Armonia for her Pre-kinder year. She scored perfect on 3 of 4 ESL test catagories. She is reading one grade level above her grade and doing very well across the board. I think her foundation at CA was awesome for her development and now have enrolled my son for a second year at CA.

My son loved his teacher and staff last year. I have noticed the teachers are warm and kind. Child safety includes; codes for 9′ gates with alarms, fingerprint check in/out and making eye contact before child to parent.

The Christmas and mothers day shows are adorable!

— Alvaro S.

Beware of the negative Yelp reviews for this school as they are woefully inaccurate. Note that two of three reviewers didn’t even have kids who attended the school. Reviews from parents who actually have kids who attend this school have been filtered for reasons that aren’t entirely clear. Their reviews are almost all five stars and can be viewed by clicking on the “filtered reviews” link near the bottom of this page. The picture painted by the filtered reviews are much, much more accurate. If you are considering this school, please read the filtered reviews or ask to speak with current families of the school for a more accurate assessment.

I am not affiliated with the school nor has the school solicited a review from me. We have been a family of Centro Armonia for two years and are superbly impressed. I so strongly regret that a few negative reviews could prevent your family from experiencing the outstanding education Centro Armonia has provided to our son and daughter.

— Jennifer Tong

Both my children have attended Centro Armonia and this is what we’ve loved about this school:

1) Small Class Size: This really allows for a lot of personalized attention to the children. Teachers are able to do lots of hands on art projects, play based learning, conversational Spanish that would not be possible with larger classes.

2) MUSIC: Maestro Santos comes in on a weekly basis with his guitar to teach fabulous music classes to the children. My daughter loved Thursdays because it was the day that Maestro Santos visited her pre-K class and years later she still remembers and sings many of the songs he taught.

3) Strong Academics: When my daughter left Centro Armonia (after 1 year to attend our local elementary school), she could recognize all the letters of the alphabet (with sounds), she was reading, could count past 100, was doing basic addition and subtraction, and was writing simple sentences. She was more than well prepared for Kindergarten.

4) Nurturing and dedicated staff: Maestra Blanca and Maestra Berta have offered both of our children a great environment that was equally focused on learning and developing good social skills. They have been great about sharing with us the progress that our children are making and our children have enjoyed having them as teachers.

5) 100% Spanish: We are an English/Spanish home and Centro Armonia’s 100% Spanish approach has worked really well with our children. I have also personally seen many of the other children enrolled in the program who have an English only home flourish and have an amazing grasp of Spanish. Many other parents have commented to me how their children are speaking more Spanish more comfortably after attending Centro Armonia.

What makes me truly happy with Centro Armonia, however, is the fact that my kids love going there. Our experience has been a very positive one, with the teachers going out of their way to make our children feel comfortable and giving them such a strong academic foundation to grown on.

— Carmela G.
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