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Bienvenidos al “Hayground”

Every year, we like to focus on something to “level up” the children’s experience here at school. One of the things we wanted to to do this year was add some enrichment to the children’s outside play experience. In the spirit of the season, we brought some harvest style to the patio!

The day we brought the straw bales, the kinder class had just been to the restroom and immediately gave the playground it’s nick name for the month, “The Hayground”!  The simple addition of 12 straw (not actually hay) bales created opportunities to work on gross motor skills like crawling, climbing and jumping.

Centro Armonia Spanish Immersion playground


We created a little pumpkin patch with all sizes of real and faux  gourds and pumpkins with different shapes, colors and textures. The children love rolling, carrying, throwing and collecting the pumpkins.

Spanish immersion preschool pumpkin patch

We placed some corn kernels in the sensory bin for scooping, pouring and touching.


The first few days of the installation were so fun for the office! The kids were so excited and we loved watching them stack the pumpkins on top of the tunnel and transport the big pumpkins like cargo on the trikes.


The “hayground” will be here for the month, and we hope to do several more themed playground months this year, we’d love to hear your ideas and if you would like to help set up or break down, we’d love your help! Wink! 😉

Let us know below if your kids are enjoying the playground enrichment!



— Centro Armonia

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