Campbell: 531 W. Rincon Avenue, Campbell, CA 95008 | 408-866-2585

Santa Teresa: 196 Martinvale Lane, San Jose, CA 95119 | 408-609-3383

Our Teachers

Patti Martin

As Operations Manager of Centro Armonia, I oversee the business and administration end of the school, leaving Claudia and the teachers free to pursue their passion in classroom!

I grew up here in Campbell and attended Campbell Jr. High School, just across the street from Centro! I was married in 1999 and have two awesome sons that keep my on my toes!

I have an A.A. in Liberal Arts, with emphasis in Business Administration. Prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom, I was in information technology as a business analyst. I enjoyed the structure of crunching numbers and using data to make decisions. I worked with engineers and project managers. I swore that I would NEVER work with children.

In 2005, a dear friend suggested I enroll my then 2.5 and 5 year old sons in a local co-op preschool. I had reservations about the parent participation aspect but agreed to give it my best shot. What I learned during those years was that all of the things I complained about the corporate world and working with adults were conspicuously missing with children. Honesty, imagination and a craving for change and ingenuity
made preschoolers my new favorite people! When the boys went off to elementary school, a little private school in Campbell was looking for a part-
time office assistant, exactly the hours the boys were in school. PERFECT! What I was looking for was an uncomplicated, part-time gig, what I found was a home.

I am so blessed to have a job that I can’t wait to get to each morning. Claudia, the teachers and support staff have created a second family for me and I could not be more grateful. I wholeheartedly believe in the vision Claudia has created for Centro Armonia and do everything I can each day to help to ensure that our school grows and prospers.

When I’m not at Centro, (and sometimes, even when I am,) I enjoy photography, knitting and cooking. I love a good road trip and am a secret Sci Fi geek!

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Please join us for an informational open house and find out why Spanish immersion is right for your child!

Campbell 1/9/18
Santa Teresa 1/3/17

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