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Santa Teresa: 196 Martinvale Lane, San Jose, CA 95119 | 408-609-3383

Our Director

Claudia Hernandez

Hello, I am Claudia. Thank you for visiting Centro Armonia’s website. I opened the school ten years ago. Aside from giving birth to and raising my two children, creating the school has been my proudest accomplishment. The simple vision I had when I opened the school–sitting around a table working with a few children–did not compare to the kind of community that Centro Armonia has come to be, for my staff, the students, their families and for me.

Since I was a child, everyone knew I was going to be a teacher. I was the one always looking after and playing with the little ones. Although at the time I did not imagine myself working with children, I have always loved them. Children touch my heart deeply, they amuse me, amaze me, make me hopeful and they fill me with joy. Children are humans at their best.

When my son was about 11 years old, he asked me what I would do for work if I could do anything that I wanted to do. I gave the question some real thought by going back to those things that I considered doing back in college. One idea was to speak several languages and travel around the world, not sure doing what, but it seemed glamorous and it would satisfy my love for travel and language. A more practical thing would have been to become an exercise nutritionist, another passion of mine. However, after considering the possibilities and seriously asking myself what I would really like to do, all I could answer my son was, “Diego, I do have the perfect job”. He answered, “Mama, you really do have the best job, working everyday with all those cute little guys.” Truly, I cannot imagine doing anything else that would fulfill me in the same way.

I have personally grown tremendously with the opportunity to create this community, and I will continue working to make Centro Armonia a community where children, teachers and families thrive and love to be.

Attend an Open House

Please join us for an informational open house and find out why Spanish immersion is right for your child!

Campbell: 8/06/18 & 8/21/18
Santa Teresa: 8/09/18 & 8/22/18

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