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Our Teachers

Alice Barbero

I am a proud mom of 4: Jimena (28 yo), Alejandra (26 yo), Andrea (21 yo) and my little Matias (7 yo), My husband Antonio is from Panama. I also have 2 granddaughters, Karolina (6yo) who lives in Perú, and Sabrina (1 yo) who lives here in San Jose. I have a pet, it’s a Peruvian hairless
dog called WAWQE (which means Male Brother in Quechua) My son Matías and Wawqe are really good friends.

I was born in San Jose, California but was raised in Perú. My parents met here but since my mom is Peruvian, they decided to take me and my younger brother to Perú when I was 4. My mom still lives in Perú; she is a hardworking woman. She owns a company and wakes up every morning to go to work no matter what. My dad was Argentinian, he passed away 21 years ago and I miss him every day, he was a perfect Dad to me and a great grandfather to my two oldest daughters.

I started working at Centro Armonia in 2012. I have worked as a preschool teacher for 28 years, the last 5 here in the USA. It has always been my passion to work with children which I did for many years in Perú. I went to University there, and worked as a music teacher, musical events
coordinator and as lead teacher for a private preschool center named Drecoly, where I worked for over 20 years. In addition to being a teacher I was involved with the formation of the school choir for parents and children. When I moved back to the U.S.A, 10 years ago, knowing that
the only thing that made me happy was working with children, I wanted to keep working as a teacher and with my husband’s support I started going to college on 2009. Ever since then I have been continuing learning to become a better teacher. I am aware that the early years in the life of a child are crucial. We, as preschool teachers, have a big responsibility because all the experiences we provide our students will become part of their formation for life. It is my intention to touch the lives of my students in the most positive ways and to make a difference in helping them to become happy and prosperous people.

Besides receiving my AA in Child Studies in West Valley College I also aspire to get my Early Intervention Teacher Degree so I can be better prepared to help students with special needs that might occur in their first years. I consider myself as a multi-faceted teacher, I love
to play the guitar and sing, I also compose the majority of the songs I perform with my children and I am working on recording my first album
of children’s songs.

What do I like most about being a teacher? I could list a thousand reasons, be part of their games, see them singing and dancing, hug them when they are crying or feeling sad, be part of their stories and games, see their surprised faces when they discover something new. I could go on
and on. I’ll tell you a story that perhaps explains better what makes me love my job. Once a mom told me that her small three year old girl sat at
the door of her house with a purse in her hands on a Saturday night, when the mom asked her where she was going, the girl said she wanted to go knock on the neighbors doors to look for Teacher Alice since she has not seen her for several days and he was missing her a lot. Could you imagine how I felt when the mom told me that? The affection of the children is the best part of being a teacher. They fill your soul with such tenderness that only they can offer and teach you every day something new and wonderful that you can treasure forever.

I am blessed and happy to be part of this beautiful community that is Centro Armonia because they share my passion and love for children and truly value the importance of our mission as teachers. Centro Armonia more than a workplace, is a second home to me and for many that like me are far from home and family. Centro Armonia has given me the opportunity to grow as a person and professionally and has supported me with my dreams, giving me strength in difficult times which I appreciate infinitely.

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