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Spanish Immersion Summer Camp

Spanish Immersion Summer Camp

Summer in Spanish!

When the heat soars, our regular scheduled school programming gives way to our amazing Spanish Immersion summer camp! With an emphasis on oral language development and creativity, children will immersed in not just Spanish but engaging themed weeks full of art, experimentation and active play.

Spanish Immersion Summer camp is split up into 2 groups, school aged and preschool. As most of our staff vacations at some point during the summer, we cannot guarantee your child will be with the same staff members each day. On days that enrollment exceeds class capacity; the children may be split into smaller groups for best engagement.

Themes & Dates
June 27-July 1 En la cocina
July 5-8 Centro Armonia’s Got Talent!
July 11-15 Secret Agent Kids
July 18-22 No Waste Week- Recycling Art
July 25-29 Piratas
August 1-5 Prehistoria
August 8-12 Super Hero Week
August 15-19 En la cocina

  • June 27-August 19, 2016 (9-12pm Preschool & 9-2pm School Aged)
  • Fun, themed summer camps for children 2.5-10 years
  • Flexible schedules, extended care available 7am-6pm
  • 100% Spanish immersion
  • Special “Lunch Bunch” after care from 12-2pm available
  • Pick Your Schedule Choose your days of the week 2 days or more (T,TH for example) but you must commit to the entire summer. Prices reflect 8 weeks of  camp.
  • Pick Your Weeks You can choose your weeks, but your child must come all 5 days of that week. Prices reflect weekly rate for 5 days. (Excludes 4th of July week)
  • Spots will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. No spots will be held with out the full deposit.
  • If we receive enough sign ups to create a second preschool class, we may choose to open additional spaces. This will be solely at the discretion of management.
  • All fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.


Pick Your Schedule

Early Bird Discount January 11-March 31!!! Take $30 off regular price “Pick Your Schedule”

  • 2 days- $730 (camp only)/ $1250 (full day)
  • 3 days- $1100 (camp only)/ $1780 (full day)
  • 4 days- $1380 (camp only)/$2290 (full day)
  • 5 days- $1580 (camp only)/$2700 (full day)

Pick Your Weeks

Early Bird Sign Ups~January 11-March 31, 2016

  • $195 per week (camp only)/$338 (full day)
  • $157/$271 week of July 5th (closed July 4th)

Regular Enrollment Prices~April 1-June 17th, 2016

  • $200 per week (camp only)/$338 (full day)
  • $162/$271 week of July 5th (closed July 4th)

Late Enrollment~After June 18th, 2016

  • $210 per week (camp only)/$338 (full day)
  • $162/$271 week of July 5th (closed July 4th)
  • Single day sign ups available the week before camp start at a cost of $55 per 1/2 day or $85 per day 7am-6pm for space available.


  • Lunch Bunch (12-2)- $12 per day
  • Hourly- $9.00 (24 hour notice)
  • Drop in- $15.00 ( any notice less than 24 hours)

Does my child need to speak Spanish?

A: No, our program is about exposing all children to a foreign language.  Children will be spoken to entirely in Spanish and taught/encouraged to answer in Spanish.  Routine and clear non-verbal cues are used to help with comprehension.


What are the camp hours?

A: Preschool camp is from 9-12pm and School Aged camp is for 9am to 2 pm. Extended care is available fro 7-9am and 12-6pm.


What is extended care? 

A: Extended care is hourly day care provided for 7am-9am and again after 12pm for preschoolers and 2pm for school aged children.


What will the kids be doing?

A: Our goal is to practice oral language proficiency and provide rich, new themes in which we explore new  vocabulary. Activities will include, arts & crafts, games, water play, experiments and much, much more. Our summer program is educational but non-academic in nature.


Who will my child’s teacher be?

A: Due to vacation schedules, all staff will be cycling through the classes. We cannot make any guarantee of which teacher your child will have.


Can I do a combo of Days/Weeks?

A: Not at this time. You may either choose the weeks your child attends and attend all days during that week or, choose the days your child  attends and commit to the full 8 weeks of camp.



What is the “Lunch Bunch?”

A: The Lunch Bunch is a low cost option for care for younger siblings of school aged campers for 12pm-2-pm  so that mom and dad can make one pick up trip each day.  All children can participate, however. They will have lunch, free play and a short activity each day.


What if my child is a current full day student?

A: You can continue your current schedule  and pay month to month starting in July, provided you stay until fall begins.

What should my child bring to camp?

A: All campers should bring a healthy snack with no peanuts or tree nuts. School Aged campers, Lunch Bunch Campers and Full Day students should also bring a hearty, nut-free lunch. Please pack an extra set of clothes, a towel and bathing suit daily for preschool students.  (School-aged children should wear their bathing suits under their clothes. The teachers will tell you which days there will be wet activities.) Remember to apply sunscreen EVERY DAY! Shoes must cover the entire foot. Flip-flops and open toed sandals do not protect children’s feet properly.


What do the children do during extended care?

A: Preschool children will have lunch and then nap. After nap time (or in some cases for older preschoolers who don’t  nap) there will be free play, snack, music and quiet activities until pick-up time. School aged extended care kids will have access to board games, outside activities, drawing, reading and occasionally a movie in Spanish.


What is a “full day”?

A: A full day is the daily camp plus unlimited day care on your days from as early as 7am to as late as 6pm. School-aged children must schedule early morning extended care for the entire week no later than Friday of the previous week.  Care may not be available unless you do not schedule it, as school-aged children will not be with preschoolers in extended care.


Pick Your Schedule Preschool

  • Children ages 2.5 to 4.9
  • Full 8 weeks of camp

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Pick Your Weeks Preschool

  • Children ages 2.5 to 4.9 years
  • attend all 5 days per week

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School-Aged Summer Camp

  • For kids 5-10 only
  • Sign up through Activity Hero

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Attend an Open House

We are so excited for the new school year beginning September 6th. Please join us for an informational open house and find out why Spanish immersion is right for your child!

Campbell September 20th
Santa Teresa September 7th & 28th, October 5th, November 2nd

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