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Spanish Immersion Preschool Program

Spanish Immersion Preschool Program

Spanish Immersion Preschool Overview

The framework for our original Spanish Immersion preschool program is based on the Creative Curriculum which is fully aligned with the Head Start Preschool, Early Learning Standards and state early learning standards. We offer a developmentally appropriate approach creating context through weekly themes.

Classroom composition and child placement

Our preschool class ratio is no more than 8:1 (eight children per teacher) with each classroom led by at least two teachers/aides at capacity. Our classroom capacities vary by age. Our total preschool capacity is 49 children, spread between 3 classrooms. Class composition is generally based on the median age of the children enrolled in each age group not by chronological age. We do not matriculate children by age but rather when it’s clear that a child’s requirements have changed.

Your child will be assigned to the classroom that is deemed appropriate by both age and observation by the school staff. While Centro Armonia will occasionally make exceptions by request, these requests will only be honored if the needs can be met for both the child. The final decision for class placement lies solely with the school director.

Class schedules

We hold Spanish immersion preschool classes from 9am to 12pm daily and offer flexible schedules on a first come basis, accepting enrollment year-round.

The preschool daily routine below reflects the guidelines by which we organize our day, while the routine remains the same most days, we may extend or shorten an activity to suit the needs of the children that day.

Youngest Class

Time Activity
9:00-9:30a Free Choice
9:30-9:40a Opening Circle, music and movement
9:40-10:05a Snack
10:35-11:00a Outdoor Recess
10:35-11:00a Story/Activity
11:00-11:40a Individual and small group time
11:40-11:50a “Journals”
11:50-12:00p Dismissal

Older Classes

Time Activity
9:00-9:15a Math Manipulatives
9:15-9:35a Opening Circle, music and movement
9:35-10:10a Lesson of the day/Activity
10:10-10:25a Snack
10:25-10:50a Free Choice
10:50-10:55a clean up
10:55-11:20a Outdoor Recess
11:20-11:45a Circle time/story
11:45-11:55a Journals
11:55-12:00p Dismissal

Attend an Open House

Please join us for an informational open house and find out why Spanish immersion is right for your child!

Campbell: 8/06/18 & 8/21/18
Santa Teresa: 8/09/18 & 8/22/18

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